August, 15, 2011

The 7 Life Languages in Relationships – Ashley

I met with Ashley and her then-fiance Justin shortly before their wedding to discuss their Life Language profiles, complete a Crosstalk, and give them a deeper look into their individual languages.  Our evening was filled with laughter and some serious moments interspersed as they both discovered things about their soon-to-be spouse that they had never […]

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August, 01, 2011

Meet the 7LifeLanguages!

THE MOVER LANGUAGE™ Movers tend to be proactive people who act before thinking or feeling. They are risk-takers, action oriented, honest, and frank. They usually have high energy and are concerned with the motives of self and others. Time seems to pass slowly for Movers when there is no activity and they may loose track […]

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July, 20, 2011

Welcome to our new blog and redesigned website!

I’m excited to announce Taproot MC’s new blog and redesigned website!  Subscribe to to the RSS feed to stay updated on seminars in your area, news, contests, giveaways, and special offers!  Follow me on Twitter, or visit the Contact page for questions about Life Languages, seminars, or to schedule a consultation. Check back soon for […]

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