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What is the KLLP
Is it accurate?
What is a “Life Language”?
Who can use the KLLP™ and the 7LifeLanguages™?
What does the profile contain and how much does it cost?
I have questions about my profile.· Are personal consultations available?
What is the Introduction To The 7LifeLanguages™ Seminar?
I’m not local to Nashville or Middle Tennessee, do you travel?
How do I host a seminar in my area?

What is the KLLPTM?

The Kendall Life Languages Profile™ reveals the unique mix of your 7LifeLanguages™.  It is a communication analysis tool that helps individuals learn how to be more effective in communication and connection with others, as well as how to understand their own unique communication needs and strengths.  In addition it provides a great foundation for resolving interpersonal conflicts and prevents miscommunication.

The KLLP™ is not like all the other assessments available today that are personality, psychological, achievement, or aptitude tests that many times make users feeling limited or boxed in.  The KLLP™ is a communication profile that is an incredibly effective and an easily used tool for understanding, motivating, and communicating with people.

Is it accurate?

The KLLP™ has an incredible 98% statistical accuracy and has been in use for more than 25 years to help individuals, families, and groups better understand themselves and each other.  It is accurate and effective regardless of age, race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.

What is a “Life Language”?

• the unique way you communicate who you are as an individual·
• how you communicate with others, with your values, with life in general
• how you communicate when in distress

There are seven unique Life Languages™ which have been identified as: Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer and Contemplator.
These have been categorized into three areas:

kinetic emotive cognitive life languages

Each language has:

• a unique “filter question”
• a major desire or passion
• a major character quality
• special needs from others
• distinct levels of distress

It is important to remember that everyone has a combination of ALL 7LifeLanguages™ at varying levels and intensities. Because everyone has all 7LifeLanguages™, it is best not to try to predict, guess, or estimate someone’s Primary Life Language™. The accuracy of determining your particular profile can only be determined by taking the KLLP™ objective profile questionnaire. The strength of the 7 LifeLanguage™ Profile is that it has been objectively tested on thousands of people, unlike more subjective instruments.

Who can use the KLLP™ and the 7LifeLanguages™?

Everyone!  Corporations, Human Resource Directors, Sales Training Managers, Counselors, Schools, Churches, Government Agencies, Entrepreneurs, and others, who had been using other profiles or personality tests consistently say that the Kendall Life Language Profile™ (KLLP™) is much more accurate and beneficial. People say that discovering their 7LifeLanguages™ helps them to really understand themselves for the first time and be able to understand others.

What does the profile contain and how much does it cost?

The KLLP™ can be taken online for only $45.  Your personal KLLP™ comes with 18-25 pages of in depth analysis of your unique combination of the 7LifeLanguages™, range, intensity, 14 different factors for your Primary and Secondary Life Languages™, and more. Professionals who had been using other profiles consistently say that the Kendall Life Language Profile™ is much more accurate and beneficial than any other tool on the market.

The narrative style of the profile gives the information in a friendly and helpful way that can be used as a stand-alone tool.  To gain the greatest benefit from your KLLP™, attend a 7LifeLanguages™ basic seminar with Taproot MC, or call for information on scheduling a personal consultation for yourself or your group.

I have questions about my profile.  Are personal consultations available?

Yes!  Every profile completed online qualifies for a 15 minute free consultation on request.  Please fill out the contact form to schedule your consultation.  If you would like more information about private consultations for you, your family, or organization that will give an individual assessment of your KLLP™ and how you can be more effective and successful based on your unique communication style please contact us.

What is the Introduction To The 7LifeLanguages™ Seminar?

Basic Life Language Seminars are tailored to each group and may include:

• 3 to 8 hours of instruction and hands-on activities to teach participants about the 7 Life Languages™and expand on their personal profiles.
• How to utilize the 7 Life Languages™ in personal and professional life.
• A personalized binder for each seminar attendee for their personal profile, seminar syllabus, reference materials, and other handouts.
• Engaging activities and training in understanding language differences.
• Easy to understand graphs of your teams’ communication styles.
•Specialized CrossTalk™ analysis and index of the group.

What You Will Learn:

• Communication skills to sell, manage, parent, lead, and reach out more effectively.
• The 7LifeLanguages ™ and categories
• Major Characteristic, Passion, Filter, Need, Success Trait, Success Habits, and Motivation Keys for all the 7LifeLanguages™
• How to recognize and interdict the three distress levels of each of the 7LifeLanguages™
• How to become multilingual and speak all the 7LifeLanguages™
• Establish balance and accurate, achievable goals in any situation

I’m not local to Nashville or Middle Tennessee, do you travel?

Yes!  We are available for travel across the U.S. and abroad for seminars and personal consultations can take place from any location via email, telephone, or Skype.

How do I host a seminar in my area?

Contact Allison Hendrickson at Taproot MC for information on how you can host a seminar!

Ready to Discover your Life LanguagesTM?

Click on the above below to take the Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP™). This will give you a complete profile of all 7LifeLanguages™ from highest to lowest and tell you much more about your communication preferences.

The KLLP™ is a Communication Analysis tool and not a personality test, skills test, or psychological test. The KLLP™ will help you understand more about yourself and others. You will have an in-depth analysis of your Range, Intensity, Distress Levels, Language Filters, Language Needs, and much more.

When you take the KLLP,™ you will immediately receive a 16-25 page report that you can view or print out that includes your 7LifeLanguages™ Profile, range, intensity, 14 different factors for your Primary and Secondary Life Languages, 14 additional scales information, and more. The cost of the KLLP™ is only US$45.00.

Take your Life Language Profile now!

Take your Life Language Profile now!

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