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Are you ready to utilize the finest tool in the industry for understanding yourself and other? Start here!

The 7LifeLanguages Profile is a powerful communication analysis tool to aid in understanding, motivating, and communicating with others and understanding yourself. Greater effectiveness starts here, are you ready?
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7LifeLanguages™ Corporate

Interested in learning how the 7LifeLanguages can revolutionize your corporate culture, strengthen your team, and enhance your personal/professional enrichment plan?

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7LifeLanguages™ Faith-Based

Ready to discover how the 7LifeLanguages can be used strengthen your congregation, marriages, and family relationships through Christ-centered communication?

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What is a ‘Life Language’? How do I schedule a personal consultation, coaching, or a seminar? I want to bring this tool to my organization! Vist the FAQ for more information!

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As one who loves personality assessments of all types I thought I had experienced it all. Learn how the 7LifeLanguages have radically changed my life and become one of my life’s passions.

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“ Your Life Language Seminar was amazing! It opened my eyes to the value of other people's perspectives and gifting and taught me how to speak their language! ”

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“ Our leadership team is so much stronger because of this seminar. We understand each other better and know what each person needs to function at peak effectiveness. Allison Hendrickdon is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer with a wonderful teaching gift. ”